For optimal day-to-day management and to provide the best service for our customers, we utilize modern technology, unique licences and our own, custom-developed applications.

  • Our poultry veterinarians enter all data (diagnoses, treatments, stall images) into the VetApp, an application that was entirely custom-made to meet the needs of our practice. Thanks to this data bank, all the important data related to a flock are available at all times.
  • All documents that belong to this compulsory company register are categorized in Poultrack, an innovative, digital archive system what was developed internally. Poultrack makes document management quick and easy for our poultry veterinarians.
  • The Smart Farm Assistant from Porphyrio is an online data platform where poultry farmers can monitor stall data and store documents. Pehestat is the sole Porphyrio software dealer in Belgium.
  • Our poultry veterinarians have a comprehensive technology at hand to measure and analyse the climate in real time.