About us

Welcome to Galluvet Professional Poultry

As a veterinary practice specialised in poultry, we believe that healthy animals are the basis for productive and sustainable poultry farming. Each day, we work passionately to make this vision a reality. We do this with an emphasis on preventive healthcare. By way of a commitment to continuing education, we closely monitor the latest developments in the world of veterinary medicine and the poultry sector.

We are active throughout the entire chain of the (organic) poultry sector. Besides individual poultry companies, we also focus on integrated farms and hatcheries. Galluvet is international. To serve our poultry farmers in the north of France, we work together with veterinary practice Vet'Alliance (Hauts-de-France, Bailleul). Our Dutch customers can count on veterinary practice Poulvet, which is located in the south of the Netherlands (Breda).

Our practice is GVP-certified. The Guide for Good Veterinary Practices is a standard for veterinarians to guarantee their commitment to animal health, animal well-being and food safety.

Galluvet is a diverse veterinary practice. Also visit our other websites:

GVP certificate